Here at Propac, we hold a permanent stock of products, meaning we can make just-in-time deliveries to all our customers.

We have our very own 3,250 m2 warehouse, with additional space at our three partner companies’ sites (Val du Geer, Ateliers Jean Del’Cour and Ateliers du Monceau) bringing total capacity to more than 10,000 m2.

We are also able to repackage our customers’ products in line with their requirements (specifications).

We deliver according to each customer’s needs – daily, weekly and on request.

Our skilled people (drivers, forklift truck operators and gantry operators) are able to work fully independently, making sure you get the stock replenishment you need.

We possess the full range of use and safety patents.


Our customers can request access to our online ordering solution, or we can manage customers’ day-to-day inventory on their behalf, covering metal, cardboard, paper, labels, label holder strips, straps, plastic, stickers, wood fibre, frames, pallets, wooden crates and packaging of all shapes and sizes.